Smart Grid Etiket Arşivi

Wireless Technology in the Smart Grid Space

Dr. Ota will discuss the role of wireless technology in the Smart Grid. The Smart Grid industry has rapidly migrated to a multi-tier network architecture to support a variety of emerging Smart Grid applications including distribution automation, demand response, and home area networks. This discussion will cover wireless technologies, network architectures, and design patterns being utilized in Smart Grid deployment throughout the United States and internationally.

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Smart Grid, Utilities, and Internet Protocols

The smart grid is a big topic these days, but before there was a smart grid newspaper headline, the utilities have been experimenting with TCP/IP in the backend networks for a while now. Erich Gunther of enernex ( will present a reference model and concept of network operations for the power industry including how Internet Protocols fit in that space. Along the way he will touch on what has worked, what hasn’t and some of the security issues along the way. Erich W. Gunther is the co-founder, chairman and chief technology officer for EnerNex Corporation – an electric power research, …

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